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Niitsu® Turbo Industries is a dynamic manufacturer of replacement diesel turbochargers for the aftermarket industry. We are well established and globally active with more than 35 countries worldwide in the automotive industry. Niitsu Turbo Industries focused on Quality Control, Competitive Pricing, Best Availability, Constant Product Development and New Technology Advances which makes our diesel turbochargers products accepted in many countries around the world. With all these aspects intact, Niitsu Turbo Industries now supply and export diesel turbochargers to more than 35 countries worldwide. We are committed in supplying the best diesel turbochargers for complete customer satisfaction. By navigating through our website you will learn more about Niitsu diesel Turbochargers and our offerings.
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What makes Niitsu® diesel turbochargers different from other replacement diesel turbochargers brands?

Niitsu only manufacture diesel turbochargers at the highest quality possible, developed to give engine manufacturers the extra pressure ratio. We only supply turbochargers combined with best efficiency levels to allow vehicle manufacturers develop engines beyond industrial emission standards. Niitsu turbochargers are exported to 35 countries worldwide helping manufacturers to use advanced miller timings to reduce fuel consumptions while maintaining the power density.

  • Niitsu is the market leader in pressure ratio and efficiency for diesel turbocharger
  • Niitsu manufactures vehicle turbochargers for high-altitude and high-ambient installations
  • Niitsu also exports turbochargers compatible with different fuel types for versatility
  • Niitsu turbochargers are tailored for use in different vehicles and applications
  • Niitsu supports client with our world-class global service network for turbochargers
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